New Toy : Sigma 18-250 f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM Superzoom

Enough with changing lenses all the time when on holiday. Holidays are for relaxing and I have given in to compromise and bought myself a Sigma 18-250 mm Superzoom to add to my kit bag.

I know it is not the sharpest lens, I know it needs a lot of light (or a higher ISO setting), I know that it vignettes (but Adobe Lightroom corrects this with a single click), I know it is a compromise.

But look at the reviews. Look at the many great pictures at the best Flickr group dedicated to the work of this superzoom lens, and maybe you too will be convinced that it is OK to compromise – to spend more time taking simple, well composed snapshots, and less time changing lenses to get the perfect sharp images with one of a selection of primes.

The 18-250 mm focal range is amazing so from now on this will be on my camera during holidays, when I just want to relax and have fun. The two shots below were taken from the exact same place, one at 18 mm and one at 250 mm. They are not great shots but do show what is possible within a few seconds, and a little compromise.



The only other lens I will even take with me on such occasions is my 24mm EF-S prime (in case I do see a landscape I want to capture without the compromise on sharpness) which only weighs a few grams and I don’t mind carrying around even if I don’t use it.